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We have moved a 10 ft beech hedge today and although it is planted not far from our garden boundary wall, I am wondering whether to reduce the height to reduce wind rock, or will this be too much shock? I don't know if I should wait until Spring before I prune them?


That sounds like a Herculean task!  

I would be worried about wind-rock - you can get some powerful wind-eddies around walls - what about staking them?

I have considered tying them temporarily to wall ties or posts, will giving them a gentle chop be too much?


Do ensure you can get behind the hedge to trim it.  You do not make it entirely clear; is the hedge 10ft high or is the length of the hedge 10ft?  If 10ft high, I would have cut it down to a reasonable height before moving it.

You can probably reduce the height of the hedge if you wish.  It will shoot away in the Spring.


How old are the plants and how high do you want them to be eventually?  

(And how the heck did you go about moving them?  How many of them are there - how long is the hedge?)


Welshonion wrote (see)

You can probably reduce the height of the hedge if you wish.  It will shoot away in the Spring.

It will grow new shoots in the spring, but it won't develop a new leader shoot, so if they take the tops out much below the height they eventually want it to be, I think they may well be disappointed. 

hollie hock

that's a lot of hedging. The reason I say this that we've had some beech "hedge" which have been moved around a lot over the last year- 18 months, they were 1ft- 4ft  and even that was hard work.

I'd be tempted to cut them down a bit at the top, add some staking,or tying to the walls let them recover for next year



I moved an 8ft high beech hedge to the back of my garden from the front in November 2005 and lost 2 plants out of 24! lifted them with a mini digger without soil and planted them straight away in a trench with water and chicken manure pellets in the bottom. Watered well and more chicken manure on the top.

The hedge is thriving and is cut twice a year!

Jeb what time of year did you move your hedge?


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