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Hi! Is it too late to move some early summer flowering irises now (couldnt do it at the right time this year)? I want to move them to a sunnier spot in my garden as they are in a mainly easterly facing plot at the moment & didnt do too well this year - they get sun in the morning up to about midday but then are in the shade.


The usual advice is to move them immediately after flowering finishes but I don't see why you can't do it now while the soil is still warm and there's plenrty of rain to help the roots settle in and some warm sunny days to encourage them.

Make sure you water them well first and then trim the foliage on each section you plant to reduce wind rock which will disturb the roots.  They may not flower brilliantly next year but, by all acouunts, they didn't this year so you've nothing to lose and in a sunnier spot they'll do better in future.  

many thnanks obelixx!


it depends on whether they are beaded iris, the above info applies to bearded iris. If they are Iris sibirica, I treat them the same as any perennial plant


I've assumed bearded iris.  I'm actually in the pricess of sorting out a huge clump pf iris sibirica which ahs been invaded by couch grass, creeping buttercup and bindweed - along with half my garden - while I've been laid up after double foot surgery earlier in the year.  I'm hopng it will feel suitable regenerated and flower its socks off next year but, if not, at least it will be weed free while it gathers energy fo rthe following year's performance.



Dolgarrog: Bearded have knobbly rhizomes, hard to miss.

I had problems with my Iris sibirica a couple of years ago. They were being eaten by ghost moth larvae, I had to dig up all the soil to remove them, before replanting.


Hmm, didn't know Ghost Moths like them - will have to keep an eye on mine.  I've found a list of other plants the Ghost Moth larvae like, some more concerning than others .... 


They are in the soil for a long time, so undug soil is more at risk

Many many thanks all! Yes, they are bearded irises so I'll have a go at sorting them out this weekend. They've been moved around lots over the last couple of years ago - put into pots end of summer 2011 when we moved from Reading & over wintered thus until early spring 2012 when we moved in here & then flowered their hearts out last year but didnt do too well this year for some reason so will give them a new spot!!! Perhaps they responded to a bit of bad treatment!

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