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Hi There,

I have a bed with both bearded irises and regular ones. As I novice the difference seems to be one has a mass of tangled roots and the other a rhisome. Its all very congested and I've just finished digging a new bed which, being empty, seems a logical place to move some irises to. I'm wondering if its too late in the year now to move these?

Many thanks



Jean Genie

Hi Jammy2, I divided mine last week and it's still early autumn so I would say it would be fine. The ground will still be warm.

Alina W

You're unlikely to get flowers next year if you move them now - they're best moved and split straight after flowering. If you don't mind that you will be OK.

Jean Genie

No wonder I didn't get any flowers this year and I read that tip in a gardening mag ! .Won't be getting any next year now, either because I decided to move them   Thanks for that Alina.

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