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Is there a general rule of thumb for moving established plants and shrubs? I have a very overcrowded and confused border but it all needs re-jigging and thinning out but I dont want to kill anything in the process as its all quite nive stuff and mature. Thanks


Hi MrsDinz. I'd say as a rough rule for shrubs, hardy evergreens in autumn, the not so tough evergreens in spring and deciduous shrubs in the winter when it's not frozen or flooded. There will be exceptions and others may do it differently but that works for me.


Hi! Thanks now i just have to find out whats evergreen, hardy or not.

this gardening malarky is like learning a new language! 


it is a new language. you'll soon speak it.

I had a look at the photos you've posted and seen all hardy deciduous shrubs, these will lose their leaves in winter but won't die. prune/move or leave them alone in the winter.

Plus one herbaceous perennial which will be hardy, the one with yellow flowers. that can be split up in autumn or spring and the bits replanted to make a bigger patch.

there are a lot of things on youtube demonstrating how it's done plus loads of recordings of assorted TV gardening programmes. there was a series which may havebeen called 'how to be a gardener' or sometging similar with Alan Titchmarsh. He got right down to the basics in that programme and shoed how to do everything.

worth a watch.



nut's pretty much covered it there mrsD. I've often moved shrubs at the 'wrong' time of year, ie conifers and pieris in the summer, but we get a lot of rainfall so they establish quite quickly with no ill effects. With mature shrubs - especially if you've got a congested border - it's rare to get the entire rootball out  unless you're really lucky, so you will need to cut them back a bit as the roots won't be able to support all the top growth. Even if you get it all out the plant will take a little while to recover so cutting it back helps the process.



Nutcutlet, that sice of the garden aint too bad its this area that bringing me out in cold sweats.




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