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Firstly... A huge thank you to everyone who has given info, advice & guidance over the last few months! For those who don't remember me, I moved to a new house last year, and gained my first ever garden. It was a blank canvas apart from some grass and 3 random pieris... Here it is this morning, in all it's glory! Modest and nothing compared to some, but I'm proud of my first efforts, and have properly got the gardening bug! All feedback gratefully received! (Ignore the rain and reseeded lawn patches!)

Well done, you'll be on gardeners world next.



That looks so lovely   You've got some really good planting combinations there, good associations of colour, size and texture.  I hope you're very proud of yourself - you should be! 


It's certainly worth all the effort when you can see such good results isn't it.  You must be very pleased with your colourful garden are right to be have some lovely plants there

Well done you 

I really am proud! I know that compared to some of the magnificant gardens Ive seen on here, its tiny, but I have so enjoyed it. I can happily spend an entire day just pottering around the garden. It is so theraputic, and so rewarding when things actually grow! I remember posting that i had a terrible fear that nothing would grow and my new neighbours would laugh at all my efforts, but infact its been a great conversation starter, and Ive come to know several of my neighbours as a result. I think that the demise of the british front garden has probably contributed to the demise of 'community' as it was when I was small.......I digress

anyway... next project.. autumn winter!!!


Loganberry, got to congratulate you on your lovely garden and pictures , what is the 3rd one from the top called ?

That's candytuft..(ibirus?) It's gorgeous!

You have done so well, last year was my first year at this garden and. I was proud of myself, wait till next year, you will be even more thrilled, it just get better.

Your tubs and baskets are gorgeous and I love the fuchsia, all of it really, very pretty.

Orchid Lady

Wow, that looks fantastic Loganberry and you should be proud, well done 

I knew Candytuft so I am quite impressed with myself for that, although I do have it growing so should know it 

I am a bit disappointed with my tubs and baskets, not as full as I wanted, probably because I was focusing on veg but have learned for next year


Well done - a garden to be proud of!


star gaze lily

Hi Loganberryhut, what a very pretty garden, such lovely colours. Love your poppies and hanging baskets, well all of it, its gorgeous. What is the climber in the 17th pic. Love the sunflower, what type is that, its so bushy. And can I ask what the pink flower is in the 11th pic please.

No wonder your proud, you should be.

Orchid Lady

Ooh, I can see more pics now, it was just blank boxes before. Absolutely amazing Loganberry.

What is the sunflower and have you seen the sunflower thread?  I love it 

The sunflowers are Mongolian giants... Just had to secure them
To my drainpipe they have gotten so big!

The climber is 2 types of morning glory, they are growing so well and just starting to flower!

The 11th pic is flax / linum grandiflorum

Thanks for all the comments! Off to find the sunflower thread now!

Lovely garden/plants you have there Logan, that morning glory looks stunning if i was a bee i be going straight for it , it looks so enticing

star gaze lily

Thank you loganberry, sorry for so many questions.