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it stopped flowering three years ago.  Its only about nine years old and looks very healthy.  Its in a poorish, dry soil but I feed and water it in the summer from time to time.  Its the lovely tangerine one.  Can anyone advise please?

Had no replies yet, maybe that means its just in the wrong place.  Could I move it in September?  And, are the roots very deep?



Hi Ellie. Sorry didn't notice your post yesterday.

Any chance of pics? Potentillas aren't that fussy about soil or position unless its in a pretty shaded area. Do you prune and if so when?

My question too elliedaisy, did you prune it?  If you,prune in spring it will delay flowering,by several weeks and if hard,pruned may not flower at all this year.  

I grow few varieties and they all flower easily without any special treatment.  No, I,wouldn't move it if it has been flowering in previous years in that spot.  Potentilla roots can be pretty widespread and at 9 years old prob would not like to be moved at all.  

Possibly it is too dry....last year was a wet one though, and you said it hasnt flowered for 3 maybe a good organic feed of fish blood and bone, a good watering and a good mulch.  I sense though that ??ou have pruned ....last year or this....quite severely!   Maybe too big a bush?

Hi, just a thought what feed are you using? Some potentilla growers feed from Feb or June, but they use a rose feed according to manufacturers instructions, as they are of the rosaceae group. I don't feed, but my soil is clay, so is quite rich. Might be just worth checking what feed you use.

Good luck


I've been pruning each year to keep it small.  Gulp!  I'll leave it alone for a bit.  Thank you so much everybody.  I haven't figured out how to put photos on here yet.

Ellie, Ellie, Ellie.   Dont prune it this or next year.   Wot u like eh?

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