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10/09/2013 at 00:39

In the spring of 2012 I started seeds from a hibiscus that I got seeds from in a local park in 2011.Here is my first bloom.

10/09/2013 at 06:44

Wow - you must be really proud.

I have four hibiscus,grown from bareroot stems - this is their third year and not a flower in sight - I am envious!

10/09/2013 at 09:13

Well done. You must be proud. Is this flower the same colour as the parent plant?

10/09/2013 at 09:20

Looks great otnorot.  From seed! Very impressive. Not seen one quite like that before.

I have 2 hibiscus.....a blue and a white with red centre.  Would swap for yours though Otnorot.

10/09/2013 at 11:20

Figetbones the seed parent was bright red.

10/09/2013 at 11:23

Did you only get one plant from the seed.? There may be other variations to come. that is the beauty of growing from seed. waiting for a surprise, just like santa claus has been ( Can't mention the C word yet)

10/09/2013 at 11:53

That's a lovely deep rich colour

10/09/2013 at 11:59

I have 8 plants but none of the others have buds and with a chance of frost in September I will have to wait until next year.I used to hybridize iris 40-50 years ago and even won ribbons in local iris shows for my seedlings.

10/09/2013 at 12:02

I keep forgetting you're in Canada. Frost in September  Brrrrr.

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9 messages