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otnorot but just call me Bill

In the spring of 2012 I started seeds from a hibiscus that I got seeds from in a local park in 2011.Here is my first bloom.


Wow - you must be really proud.

I have four hibiscus,grown from bareroot stems - this is their third year and not a flower in sight - I am envious!


Well done. You must be proud. Is this flower the same colour as the parent plant?

Looks great otnorot.  From seed! Very impressive. Not seen one quite like that before.

I have 2 hibiscus.....a blue and a white with red centre.  Would swap for yours though Otnorot.



Did you only get one plant from the seed.? There may be other variations to come. that is the beauty of growing from seed. waiting for a surprise, just like santa claus has been ( Can't mention the C word yet)

hollie hock

That's a lovely deep rich colour

otnorot but just call me Bill

I have 8 plants but none of the others have buds and with a chance of frost in September I will have to wait until next year.I used to hybridize iris 40-50 years ago and even won ribbons in local iris shows for my seedlings.


I keep forgetting you're in Canada. Frost in September  Brrrrr.

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