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No don't open it .....really am sensitive about doing that. No, just "designed" it as I went on. I do get comments from people but you guys on the forum have been very kind. Always learning....learnt a lot from this forum even from comments I disagree with because they make you think. Won't go overboard but wil post hellebores and then front garden in the summer

oooooh Verdun,Verdun, how could about hiding your talent under a bushel. I am speechless. I have read your comments on the forum and built an imaginary picture of a lovely gentleman, a very keen gardener whose greatest pleasure in life is your garden(like a lot of folk I know). Your comments have always been so encouraging and sensitive(without making novice gardeners like me feel so inadiquate) But, but what a dark horse you are fancy keeping such a beautiful, beautiful garden hidden away. I think like me, all us novices should demand (please, please), for regular pictures of your paradise at least once a week!! Thank you for sharing some of it with us all.


Hey jatnikapyar, you've just made me 10 feet tall. Thanks for that.

I agree with jatnikapyar and several other comments here.. those photos are inspiring

The potty gardener

WOW  it really is wonderful. Thank you so much for these pics


I  was looking at the pics and must agree with jatnikapyar, how stunning ! Truly a wonderful garden and a magical place to wander through.Well done.

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