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hiya folks.  promised to post pics of hellebores etc but waiting for best scene so here are a couple of photos of part of my back  garden last summer.  not best quality but this scene is also where my hellebores are so.......later you can see where they are.  






Bunny ...
Well done Verdun getting those pics on , great ones too, what a neat garden and so many different plants. Lovely.

What a beautiful garden, Verdun, just as nice as Carol Klein's, if you ask me.

Bunny ...
Maybe Verdun needs own tv show too

Lovely garden and a reminder of summer. Thanks Verdun



Verdun, it's just brilliant; your planting choices are wonderful, the shapes, colours, textures all work so well together.

Oh....what lovely snaps and garden , I'm jealous. It's absolutely gorgeous Verdun.

What a beautiful garden!


Like an imaginative abstract painting - I love it, Verdun

Can't wait to see the hellebores!


Gorgeous garden Verdun

Pam LL x


Now we can see why you are an expert Verdun. Lovely photos 

What is that bush near your GH? The greyish green on the photos

Caz W

Verdun - why have you kept this beautiful garden hidden from us for so long?


Gorgeous, abso - bally - lootly bdooly gorgeous!!! 

Which little aster/Mchaelmas daisy is that you have there?

and which way does the garden face?


Thanks folks. Rosa, the bush near the greenhouse is Acer flamingo. I cut it hard back every year and it produces brilliant foliage colour throughout the summer. In reality its pink and white with pale green but its an eye catcher. This,picture is In September. Dove it's aster frikartii monch and the garden there faces south west. In this area are a number of hellebores so it's a fairly low maintenance area....right now the hellebores make their show and then the other stuff you see comes through.


Verdun wrote (see)
..... Dove it's aster frikartii monch ....

Thought it was, I love it - I have plans for the new bed in our front garden 


Verdun,  in the first photo,  the blue flowers with yellow/orange centre what are they please ?

Rainjustlearning, it's aster frikartii monch, the best aster but one called Little Carlow, that I have in my front garden, is a beauty. The colour is really very bright. Dove, a group of aster frik monch would be amazing ...for me it flowers for months. I have it in full sun and in fairly shady positions too. I have it next to a group,of echinacea Tiki Torch in front garden. What plans do you have in your front garden?
Jean Genie

Verdun - you little dark horse.  You have a lovely garden - very jealous.


Plans are vague at the moment, but will have to start thinking seriously about it soon - as soon as the weather picks up a bit I shall be cutting out and preparing the bed - I'm planning mainly shrubs and some climbers, with perennials filling in, and mainly a midsummer to autumn dsplay .... mainly west facing with some shading from the south.  The bed will be L-shaped and about 5 ft deep, across the whole of the front of the house up to the front door, in front of the sitting room window and down the path at the side which has rigid trellis fixed alongside the path.  A rosa glauca  in the corner against the sitting room window is the only firm decision I've made so far