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Hi everyone... I 've got a plant I need help identifying too... But I can't see how to attach the photo... Can someone help me with that bit first?

Click on the tree icon-next to the ABC  on the message bar -a box comes that allows you use a direct upload or use an external site.

Hmm... Am using an iPad... No tree icons! Maybe I need to log on with the laptop. Hang on....

ok. Here we go... my wife bought me this at Gardeners World Live, but there was no label, and she can't remember where it came from.... so it's a bit difficult trying to identify it!!  Any ideas please???

 Sorry - should have rotated it first!


It looks like an agapanthus- but my neck hurts


I'm back on the iPad now, and the picture is the right way up! Strange... Thanks for the suggestion, and sorry about your neck... But I'm sure it's not an agapanthus.. Sorry!

Someone will know -it was just that the flowers look similar

Hope so, as I don't want to plant it until I know what it likes!

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