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I thought id post some pics to show you my progress! I'm really pleased with it. We moved here last year and there was nothing except the pieris and the tree in back garden. I have learnt a huge amount, largely due to the GW gurus and their endless answers and patience! Still got. Long long way to go, but it's at least 100% better, i hope you agree! Please excuse the still to be removed euphorbia... Until last night I thought it was an awesome surprise flower!!!


Thank you. I wish I had the funds to rip out the ugly paving and badly layed decking but it's all in my long term plan!!

What a lot of hard work but now you are reaping the rewards


Coming along nicely with lots of interesting plants.  Love the relaxing doggy.

Looks fantastic, lovely boxer!

Scott Edwards

Clearly done a lot of hard work. Looks very impressive.

star gaze lily

Lovely garden, Loganberry.

How have you attached the plants to the wooden pallet. Looks great

Loved the fushia too

And what a cute pic of doggie and your LO.

Those are strawberry plants, planted inside the pallet, wish
I'd done two this!
star gaze lily

Thought they were strawberries, how did you plant them in there


I just covered the back & sides with landscape fabric, filled it with compost, and planted as normal! They seem very happy so far!

Oh!  Better thread than I thought.........not about an outside lav after all    .......ok, ok, I'll get my coat. 



Looking great Loganh. You'll be enjoying those strawbs very soon. Plenty of runners to collect later too. Pleasing when all the hard work starts to pay off isn't it? 

lol verdun.. thats the irish coming out. i speak to customers from the mainland and they think im speaking in a foreign language!