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Hello everyone!

I have a curious plant growing in my greenhouse which remains a mystery to me since I didn't have labels at the time of sowing! I don't think it's a lettuce, but I'm really not sure.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks





One of the cucurbits - probably a squash or cucumber. 

Thank you, i think it's a cucumber. One of those seeds i forgot i planted!

Well it looks as if it's doing just fine 


cucumber or courgette??


David Matthews2

Hi Duni: I'd vote for cucumber - it seems to want to 'climb', so pop a strong cane into the pot and hep it with thin soft twine. **It should go into a larger pot fairly soon, preferably with some nutritious 'good stuff' under it!


Cucumber.. or possibly melon but probably cucumber as it's not as trailey as most melons.


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