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Just looked at old notes on flower arranging and Ruscus is also a possibility Doris. I still can't get the photo up. Good luck

You have it Dovefromabove.  well done


I suggested this one but Doris says her plant isn't prickly.

I want some Ruscus, it would fit well in my garden.

Hi. I am trained florist and it looks like what is known as Hard Ruscus. The florist grown form does not usually have thorns unlike the wild grown type, it is extremely tough and will last for weeks. It is unusual to have flowers on it but this is the time of year to have them. I hope the rest of the bouquet was lovely too!


Thank you everyone, it is even more interesting than I thought.  Having looked at as many photos as I can find on here I think it must be the Hard Ruscus as it is definitely not spikey.  I can't see any with the flowers underneath in the photos apart from a variety called augustiflolius but that had slimmer leaves, well they are not actual leaves apparently.   But, I am sure that you have named the plant for me, so many thanks.  And yes, the bouquet was lovely.  It was my birthday in mid December and I was given 3 lots of flowers.  I always keep them in the cool porch and am down to the last few pinks now plus this foliage which is still as good as new.

The John Redmond variety looked good, self fertile and like you say, it would be good under trees.  We have a Yew with a woodpile close to it for the hedgehogs.  Thank you.


A very interesting plant. Thanks for the link Dove.

I did buy something that was sold as butcher's broom but it was Danae racemosa.

Nice but not what I was after. That's what I get for relying on common names

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