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Hi! Thanks to everyone who helped identify my photinia. Does anyone know what this tall thing is? It's ok at the moment as it's just bare branches and buds, but it blocked the light from the window last year. I'd like to find out if it can be pruned and how big it will get.


I can take more detailed photos if required. Thank you!


Looks like one of the elders to me. If it is you can cut it right back to start again. 


Yes, looks like an elder (Sambucus).  Are the new leaves golden in the spring? 

Possibly Golden Glow or similar 

I'd cut one third of the branches down to the base now, the same next spring and the same the following year, and carry on like that, so that none of the stems are more than three years old.  That'll keep it more compact and with young growth.

A lovely shrub - use a few of the flowers to make elderflower fritters or to flavour a gooseberry pie, or a lot of them to make elderflower wine 

Thanks, that looks likely! I don't remember what the leaves were like yesterday, and I don't remember seeing flowers or berries, but we only moved in last year. Would you cut right down to the base, or leave a bud or two? Thanks!


It responds well to cutting down to 6". It will restore bushiness.


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