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This is growing in my garden, but I cannot identify it.



Could be a spurge (euphorbia).  Will try to find out more.  Some one else on here is bound to know definitely.

It's Caper Spurge, Euphorbia lathyris.


There you go.  Three in a row.



Be careful if you are going to remove or cut it down as the milky sap is an irritant. Use gloves.

Thanks, is it unusual to find it as far North as Yorkshire? Wikipedia says Southern Europe and South of England.



Keith Jones map on wild flowers of the British Isles shows it in the North of England.  Landgirl got it spot on right.


That I don't know but there have been several people looking for id of this plant this spring....maybe the mild winter has helped them survive.


There have been a lot of these to ID on the forum in the last year. 

This adds weight to my theory that they are distributed by aliens


...yes aliens with no conscience because they are springing up all over my garden.  In fact I seem to be attracting a variety of uninvited euphorbia species.  I actually think they are gorgeous but I simply don't have the space for them and they are rampant - huge tall ones, little feathery ones and various others. If I had a huge garden I would definitely have a euphorbia collection - but I don't

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