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 Havent a clue what this might be could be a weed or maybe a flower theres a lot of it about and i don't know to keep it or not


..nice to see you about again blackest... don't know what that is... someone else might.... so...



I think it's something in the mustards/charlock etc family.


looks like everyones stumped. I even took some to the garden centre and they didnt recognise it

I think it might be winter cress (Barbarea vulgaris) or at least something similar.


It looks very similar to the green manure I grew over winter and that was mustard of some description.


I was just about to say I think it's a mustard of some kind 

I agree with Barbarea vulgaris.


Thank you all for your help, I still don't know if its a keep or a dig up yet. 


It will flower soon then you can decide. It's one of a large number of yellow brassica type flowers, mustard, cabbage, rape.........

It's a wildflower or weed if you don't want it. I expect the bees will like it, but if  you don't then take it out.

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