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Hello chaps and chap-esses.  My daughter has a plant growing wild in her garden and spreading.  The leaves look like oxalis, with three lobes and slender stems, each lobe dipped in the top like the shape of a heart.  The flowers appear like a buttercup, yellow and spread open flat with five petals.  If you pull out a leaf it comes away cleanly but leaves a root which looks like a small carrot.  Tiz a new one on me.  Any ideas?


Any possibility of posting  a photo on the forum Christine? 


oo er another mystery plant   Sounds strange Christine,I do have some buttercups which I tend to leave cos they look nice.Do you have a pic?


From Christine's description I think you've done it Edd - brilliant.  We will wait to see if she agrees with you -well done though.

Yesss! Oh, what a clever fellow.  Thank you very much Edd.  My daughter did forward me a photo on my mobile but I'm afraid I cannot remember how to transfer photos from moby to computer.  Must investigate for future purposes!

Thanks again.


The image is not wood sorrel, it's Oxalis corniculata or Creeping yellow-sorrel. Wood sorrel has beautiful drooping white bells.

Apparently its lemony and edible and good for you.  Anyone tried it ?  Will check it out in case it has drawbacks! 

OOps. Thanks landgirl100.  Scrub the edible message just sent in that case.  Sorry folks.

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