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Hello community,

New here so firstly a big hello to everyone. I have a mystery plant growing in my garden. I did not plant it there myself however it has popped up. It is now approximately 3 feet tall and seems to be getting bigger. I have asked at my local gardening center if they can identify it however no one has been able to identify it. So i have come here to see if anyone on the wide web can help me identify it.


Please see the attached photos.




 Many thanks in advance for any help given.



Hi Ruth. Thought it was a euphorbia, and a quick google got Euphorbia lathyris. 


Theres a lot about this year.




These are distributed by aliens. I'm sure of it

Thanks very much 4thpanda for you reply, I have looked this up and this is exactly the plant I have got. Now I know it is a weed and poisonous I may get rid of it, although it does look good in my garden. I will have to watch it. I am glad that someone is on the ball. As I said my local garden center did not even know what it was.


Many garden plants are poisonous - euphorbia will not harm you unless you get the sap on your skin or in your eyes.  

Wear gloves and long sleeves if pulling it up.


Often called Caper Spurge, because of the shape of the seed pods.


Wish I had one of those weeds in my garden!!!!

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