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Dordogne Damsel

  Does anyone have any idea what this might be?


Unfortunately the photo does not enlarge when I click on it and the original is too small for me to see the plant in detail.



Looks like a little tree sapling . Maybe Beech or Birch ??

Dordogne Damsel

I do have some more pictures, some in close up. There are several of the plants around the garden in clusters, mostly at the back of the perennial flower beds, so possibly could have been planted deliberately, but they do seem a bit random. Also, apart from close detail on leaves, red veins and stems, they don't seem very spectacular, unless of course they have a huge flower quietly forming! The garden is in South Central France, surrounded by farmland and although there are 9 walnut trees in the garden and some smaller ornamental trees, nothing like this. The tallest is about 5 foot tall. Someone suggested Japanese Knot weed, but that has been ruled out by someone else. Any sugges




tions, very welcome.



I think it is Clerodendron Bungei. I have them in my garden in SW France. they do sucker everywhere but have very pretty pink flowers later in the summer.


Looks very much like Kiwi to me.  They grow very quickly and the most noticeable feature is that the growing tips are red and hairy.  I'm not going to give a 100% ID as kiwi though as I can't quite see the photo's well enough.


Is that a flower bud at the top of the bottom picture Jap3? If it is maybe a photo of it when it opens would help confirm id.

Jess is in the Garden

I could be way out, but it looks a lot like tilleuil, or lime, to me.

Dordogne Damsel

Someone else has also mentioned Clerodendron Bungei and looking closely I think this may well be correct, I will hang on to them a bit longer and see if they flower. Might have to do some filtering though.Thanks for all offers and ideas. 

Dordogne Damsel

My unidentified plant has finally flowered, to be honest it is slightly underwhelming, best could be said is it fills a gap.I believe it is as Floralies says Clerodendron Bungei. Hopefully, next year it might be a bit more exciting.




Is it cented Jacqui?

I have Clerodendron trichotonum and that's highly scented



I live in Dordogne and I have that plant. Didn't answer earlier as I was in Yorkshire, but it is definitely Clerodendron Bungei. It needs pruning once it's got going as it tends to grow up in one stem with a flower on top, but it can be tender in winter. Also sends up suckers.

Is that Jacqui with name changed to Dordogne Damsel?

Here is mine.




Now I see this was started in June, missed it then.

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