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I started a garden a couple of months ago, my first since I was very young. I've planted a variety of wild plants and herbs, mainly from seeds I bought online. In one little plot, I sowed what I thought were thyme seeds (thymus vulgaris I think), but what grew there sure doesn't look like thyme (see image). Can someone help me identify this plant? It has grown about 26 inches in a month and a half, and it's just starting to flower. I looks a little like pokeweed, but it has green stalks, not red.

Thanks, G.G.



It looks like pokeweed to me as well

I dunno what poke weed is, i thought it looked like H.balsam

Phytolacca anericana, if you enlarge it you can see a flowering coming in the bottom left plant

I will go with what you say nut, i know you know your stuff



Some stuff bekkie. I've  seen plants I don't know today. Lots of tender plants at East Ruston, I only know hardy ones

Its really supprised me how much of a difference there still is with plants around the country, i had expected it to be pretty much the same
Iys good to see new things tho

It's all very different isn't it? with rainfall, wind, acid and alkaline and all the other variables.

East Ruston is right on the coast with lots of shelter belts. Very non-hardy plants there.

Sounds amazing, id love to be able to grow some of that stuff, but i suppose its normal to those who live there
I always wanted to have ivy leaved toadflax and valerian growing out of the garden walls because it reminded me of devon hols, i got some valerian, big mistake!

Here's a closeup of the flower, just starting to emerge. 



Phytolacca americana

not my photo, google images


We saw lots of those today


I think the stems turn red later on

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