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It's a fine example of the elusive 'Nonpicture showus'



Picture won't seem to download but absolutely loved your comment . Will keep trying!



Hi Skarlett

To upload a photo click on the green tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your post, and follow the instructions - sadly it doesn't work for phones - yet 


...Skarlett, to post a photo click on the tree icon above where you are typing and then follow instructions. I find it best to pick out the photos I want to post first so I know where to find them (files and tags etc are a bit of a closed book to me)



Dove, great minds...

Hello everyone, Thanks for all your replies I download photos everyday but on this site I get as far as upload and screen gets patchy and fades away I 'm starting to feel the same way. 


Can you down load to another site and then give us a link?


Hmmm - what are you using?  I never have a problem 

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