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Let's see the yellow buds and a new pic. New ideas will come forth

looks like a sunflower. I had one growing in the garden. thought it was a buddlia and left it to grow. must've been dropped by the passing wildlife

AlanPlantHunter wrote (see)

Yep, definatly not a venus flytrap...  But I'll tell you what I think it is...  It or should I say they look like a Salvia species and the possible square stems and the light veins would suggest Salvia divinorum.  This species if it is that is normaly propagated from cuttings and hardly ever seed.  Interesting...

Was very intrigued by this and decided to google it. I think AlanPH is spot on. Sounds as if it could have just about the same effect as cannabis! Wonder who the seller was.



It will be interesting to see the new photos. 






 Hi everyone here are some more pics for you - not sure why they've come out sideways/upside down! Hope u can all see them? Does look similar to salvia doesn't it? Have taken of one of the leaves def no fragrance to it ... As you can see from the photos stems and leaves are quite "furry".


Not  Salvia divinorum.  or a sunflower, the flowers dont look like salvia family at all.

I've just been looking at pics of salvia divinorum the leaves look very similar but as you say flowers are completely different.


Not a Salvia is it. Or anything in that family.


It's not Fat Hen, but looks as though it could well be related.  The way the flowers grow on long stems coming from leaf-stem joints makes me think that.  Large group.

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