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 ok so i bought a grow your own venus fly trap kit but this is what grew it is definatley not a fly trap now it is driving me crazy that i dont know what i am growing, any idead what it could be ?


You are right on what it isn't

Looks a bit like buddleia leaves to me-but purely a guess

Do the leaves have any fragrance if you rub them?


The manner of growth suggests an annual to me. Not one I know though


It does a bit but the one on the left looks as if it's got a furry stem which I don't think the balsam has. Those white ribs are quite distinctive aren't they. 



they do have that white midrib don't they.What about that furry looking stem, do they have that? or am I imagining that? 


It's a while since I've seen one up close 


Just did a search and it looks as though all the side veins on impatiens come off the midr vein. These here seem to have 3 coming up from the base. More research will follow


Sorry. Failure of my ID skills on this one. Have to grow it on and see what happens


the leaves and stem are slightly fuzzy in texture, the leaves do not have a scent that i can detect and stem has weird ridged sections about 3 at the moment you can just see it a bit in the picture

Yep, definatly not a venus flytrap...  But I'll tell you what I think it is...  It or should I say they look like a Salvia species and the possible square stems and the light veins would suggest Salvia divinorum.  This species if it is that is normaly propagated from cuttings and hardly ever seed.  Interesting...

Has anyone been able to identify this? I have a similar looking plant that has also grown from what claimed to be Venus flytrap seeds. I would really like to know what this is its started budding in the last few days



I cant read that webkit thing. Can you post a photo using the tree icon on the toolbar?


This one is really bugging me I feel I know what it is, slightly hairy stem and shape of leaves it's something that makes me want to nip top out to make it bush out...please someone I.D. it.



Looks like Mint to me.


looks like a couple of Hydrangea cuttings to me....


The more I keep looking at them the more I think they are something edible, as I don't grow many small plants, other than herbs. Like blairs I also think they look like mint, but no smell reported.

BL4Z3, how fast are they growing?

Hi thanks for the responses. I havent check to see if theres any fragrance to the leaves but the plant itself doent give off any fragrance. I planted the seed in mid june this year and the plant is now approx 30cm high. In the last 5 days or so its got loads of yellow buds on it at the end of the stems. Whatever it is it likes lots of water as I've been watering it every couple of days (as per instructions for the pack). Any more ideas will be gratefully recieved!

will post another picture when i get home from work.