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Anyone know what this plant is? The leaves are large triangular shaped and has a flower shaped a bit like a arum lily. It's appeared all offer my garden.


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Yes... it  is an Arum.

Probably Arum maculatum.

Can be an invasive thug.,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47380653,d.d2k&fp=764840b4e1170902&biw=1038&bih=501

It talk all over the garden and I don't mind too much at the moment as its filling in the bare patches! I recon I will need to start digging some up if they carry on the rate they are going!


You have to dig quite deep to get it all up. Be careful if there are children around. The berries are bright and attractive, but toxic and they burn the mouth and throat. It is an attractive wild flower though.

Ive just read about the berries being poisonous so once they appear I will chop other off. 

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