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Mystery Plant

2ft high with pink/white thistle like flowers, several flowers on the plant, large dark green hairy leaves

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i dont know but i want one

Gardening Grandma

Tentative suggestion - Polygonum? If so, its common name is knotweed and some are weeds, some are border plants.


The upper sides of the leaves have the texture of a Gunnera, but wrong shape and totally wrong flower. Bet it's a thirst plant. It almost looks like a cabbage leaf. Dunno, but like little-ann I'd like one.

hollie hock

What a strange looking plant,  reminded me of cabbage leaves as idea of what is though



Wonder if it's some sort of spinach etc. that's gone to seed.


Tis a salvia i`m sure, i bought one from a gc early this year, think i still have the label, here`s mine.



Well it says on the label Salvia sclarea turkestanica Alba.

Clary sage-salvia? 

Hi Just a thought.Cannot see it well but could it be a Salvia sclarea

Thanks everyone - I have now identiffied the plant it is  Salvia Turkestanica.  It was bought from B & M Bargains - three perennials for £5.00!! I knew the other two . Hopefulyl I will get some seeds from it.

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