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Can anyone please help me identify this young plant.

I brought it home from Tenerife in April and it was around 3.5 inches. It is currently just over 13 inches now.

I would love to kow what it is, and if I plant it, how tall will it grow, and will it survive the winter?




It normally lives in the greenhouse with my Jacaranda tree.


How big is your greenhouse.?

The last jacaranda I saw,covered  in gorgeous blue/purple flowers, was 40 foot high.


how did you get that through customs.. only kidding


Thanks for the replies. I hope it is the Tower of Jewels. Beautiful plant. It is now just over 3ft tall and seems to be happy in the greenhouse. I will bring it inside in a week or two when it gets colder.

As for the Jacaranda, that's just a baby at the minute. I brought it back in April, it was one of those you can buy in all the local shops in Tenerife in the plastic dome containers. It was about 3 inches and has grown to just over 2ft so far. I will also be bringing this inside for the winter. When it gets stonger and bigger I will plant it in the ground.

I also brought a banana back, no idea what species but I planted it in a 6ft x 4ft contained area (3ft deep, solid concrete floor) which is now 4.5ft from 15cm. It also appears to be reproducing quite happily as there are now 4 additional 2ft - 3ft banana plants shooting up. I have a basa banana in a pot (3.5ft) which I can bring inside. I am hoping that a plastic greenhouse and a couple of old duvets wrapped around the trunk will help them survive the winter.



Jacaranda will not survive frost.  neither will a banana.


@gingagibbs - you can move plants within the EU. I have brought plants back from many travels within the EU - you can also bring seeds and cuttings back from outside the EU.

@ Anthony Jenkins - a heated greenhouse/conservatory is fine for the Jacaranda and Echium (it does kind of look like one before the flower forms though I am not sold that it is Echium). Echium wildpretii might be grown outside as long as it does not get below -5C in you locale and in well drained, sheltered spot - they get big, certainly some Echium like Pininata can grow and flower in the UK (10ft by 4ft!).

Jacaranda, unless you have a huge greenhouse then it will not get to flowering stage in mainland GB as you will need to prune it to overwinter it inside

The Banana - only a few Ensete can withstand an unheated greenhouse, even with protection and even they lose their leaves. Hopefully you got an Ensete - post a picture and we can ID. Most other Musa needs indoors over winter.


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