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 Hello new here so my first posting 


I was given some pea like seed pods and this is what they grew to be. A beaufiful flowering shrub  . I would love to know just what its called  Can any one tell me  Please    regards Maxine 


Hi Maxine

your plant is Clianthus puniceus, it's half hardy so won't survive a winter outside. It's evergreen and will grow to around 3m.


....and nice to meet you by the way 


Thank you  Paula I now know what it is and  a bit more about  It did survive last winter  because not knowing it was   it  got left outside .  I am going to save ALL it's seed pods .    


Pennine Petal

Welcome Mxine, what a pretty plant, I have never seen it before, so thanks for posting it. Just pitch in with a post at any time, we are very friendly and love to be able to find the answer to a puzzle!


Thank you for the welcome      Well P'Petal  I had never seen it before either but loved it so much . Now i know it's name I have Googled it ! now I know all about its likes n dislikes. Also saw seeds selling for £2.85 for 8 seeds mmmmm!!     I could make my fortune   LOL  happy gardening   everyone 


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