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What a shame, if the ones you gave to your friends get big, maybe they can return the favour and give you some back?  I was given a white agapanthus by a friend a few years ago, and was  able to return some to her a couple of years later when hers died in the biotter cold of 18 months ago - mine was in the greenhouse and came through. 


Thanks MuddyFork and Bookertoo too :- ) for the advice and suggestions. Leycesteria was suggested for my chicken-roaming area - nothing small has a chance of surviving there.


Hi Bookertoo.  Unfortunately, my friend's one died this spring too.

My agapanthus are dead too, despite having their usual winter protection - white ones, the usual blue ones and some smaller, darker blue ones with narrow leaves and all the babies I was growing from tehir seed last year.  Fortunately I gave babies to a friend and can get on eor tow back but it's disheartening all the same.  It wasn't even a hard winter by our standards.  Just that flipping late and heavy frost after they'd all got excited and started growing too early.


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