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Mystery plants

I have two shrubby like plants which have naturalised, I would like help identifying them.

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Plant No.1

 And plant No.2 (which is fuzzy under the leaves)



Silver surfer

Pics on this forum do not show very well.

I am unable to zoom in.

1.  ?

2. Looks like a Salix sp. common name willow.


Very hard to do when the pics are that small I agree SS

1 could be Viburnum tinus.

How big do they grow Maggie, and when do they flower and what do they look like? There will be some sort of flower even if it's insignificant. A catkin type of flower if Silver surfer is right about 2.

My guess is that1. is evergreen and 2. is deciduous, is that right? 

Manner of growth is quite useful for ID and a pic of a complete shrub could help. Particularly as we can only get tiny images here right now.

Looks like a cinquefoil no 2. Haven't a clue bout no. 1'


No 1 looks like the suckers that come up on prunus sps, plums cherries a guess.

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