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Hi there,

Can anyone help idenify these please?



This small tree has just been rescued from a blanket of brambles.  Fruit tree perhaps?  There's no blossom on it...



A fruit bush perhaps?  



Very weedy, but would like to know what I'm dealing with before taking it out...



 Growing in the same spot as the mystery plant above.

Many thanks in advance for your help!



second one a gooseberry i think, first one looks like a plumb but not sure


The first ones are a bit small


1. A flowering cherry

2 currant bush

3 a lysimachia, ? which one

4 a lily ? martagon. It looks like a martagon lily but I don't know lilies other than that. Maybe they all look the same at that stage

Great- thank you both for the response.  Excited to have a currant bush.  I think you're right about the lysimachia too- I think I'll have to wait until the flowers come out to pin down the species.  Cherry or plum would be fab!


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