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Good evening, can anyone tell me what this plant is: It was resident in my garden when we moved in and although i like it its a constant battle to stop it overcrowding my other plants.  thanks in advance


sorry it wouldn't let me upload the other one


Is it a bergenia (elephants ears )? Not sure having never grown it.Next door have some in their front garden and it looks quite like that. Sorry I cant be very helpful.

What colour/shape/size are the flowers?


The leaf is similar to a Brunnera

Pam x


Daintiness from what i can remember they are white...they definately aren't blue Pam (seached for Brunnera and all the pictures had blue flowers)


Having had another look I dont think it is elephants ears the leaves not quite the same. Does it flower ?
Possibly asarum cordatum, wild ginger?

definately not a bergenia, the leaves don't look leathery enough. It looks more like a petasites, a butterbur. They have fine hairs on the underneath of the leaves where they are grey, and travel by creeping along the top of the ground.


could it be Butterbur, (Petasites), it spreads very easily and flowers in spring when very few if any leaves are evident. 

backyardee, i don't recall seeing fine hairs on the underneath nor does it travel across the top of the ground.  it seems to travel underground by a tuber like thing and then just pops up anywhere and everywhere.  I did see a picture of wild ginger and it did look like that i thought.  I'll have to take a another picture when it flowers.

Thanks for all your replies.


Or you could pick a leaf, rub it, and if it smells of ginger, then it's probably the culprit. I don't think it's recommended for culinary use though.


Hi I may be totally off kilter here but could it be bindweed ??


 Thats Bindweed looks similar don't you think ?


It looks similar but the leaves are a slight different shape and not the same texture-so to go back to the first question it isn't bineweed



Agreed. Not bindweed.

it's definately not bindweed.  I tried rubbing the leaf and it doesn't smell of ginger either lol...oh well it feels a gap even though it can be a tad invasive if left. Thanks for all your replies tho


Lorraine,Post a picture when it flowers and you will probably have more success.

I'm sure its not Heliotrope, but i'll definately post a picture when it flowers but thanks for everyones help.  Its driving me mad trying to find out what this is lol