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Good evening all,


I am new to this forum and have decided to jump in at the deep end 


Could someone please enlighten me as to what plant this is above? Three have come through this year next to some perennials and I am baffled at to what they could be?







Oak trees. you look like you have had some busy squirrels


If you dig them up, you will find the acorn still attached.


They look like oak tree seedlings to me, but there is a shrubby tree that looks similar who's name esacpes me at the moment.  Any squirrels in your area?  They love planting acorns and hazelnuts etc in pots of compost!

They cost about £10 to buy online!



Hope you have plenty of room, they tend to get quite big with the years!


You could start a nice area of woodland Chris! Hope you've got a couple of acres 

flowering rose

Oak,I have two Oak trees grown from acorns my daughter planted 35 years ago.we have to keep them in check.


You plant oaks for your grandchildren


Thank you all for your responses!


By process of elimination i think it's safe to say that next doors oak tree (see photo below) may be the culprit with a little help from Mr. Squirrel!


I only have a 60ft X 35ft garden therefore no room here! I'm sure i'll find somewhere to sneak them in and allow nature to gradually take its course!





That's probably a great example of what not to plant right next to the house


Haha this is next doors shed. The tree is already causing damage to the roof. Would it be a bad decision to get rid? 


An oak tree  is the best tree for wildlife. It  supports more insect species than any other. I consider mine to be the main reason I have so much wildlife in the garden.  I have no doubt that without the oak, I would see a lot less birds, and probably the bats would disappear.

They are perennial should last you 400 years..

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