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Hello All, 

Was wondering whether anyone recognises this plant/weed?...Am guessing it might have been planted by previous owner as an ornamental type plant? But it seems to spreading like wildfire I have got it coming up everywhere... Doesn't seem to flower, has a large tap-root and to me smells onion-like when I pull it up (although my other half doesnt agree)  

Know I am going to have to keep just pulling it up but wanted to put a name to what  I am doing battle with






About 2- 2' 6", little white flowers, nice brown and dried at the end of the season

If so. Jack by the Hedge, Alliaria petiolata. Not too serious if you don't let it seed.


That's the one, photo didn't appear when I first opened it up.



It's garlic mustard. Self seeds everywere and smells like garlic when crushed. Easier to remove now as it is quick to flower and then you will have a lot more of it! As nutcutlet says not too difficult to remove.



Not too serious then Seb. Doubt if there are many weeds we couldn't ID on this forum . Most of us have, or have had, the lot.

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