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Hi everyone.

There is a vine in my new garden that has one last flower on it! I thought I would see if you lovely people could identify it for me and, if you know what it is, can you advise me if I can prune it back this time of year? It is starting to grow over the living room window sill. Here is a photo:




Thanks Flowerchild. So it's not actually a climbing plant? Wow - the previous owner of this house did a good job to train it onto the wall then. No wonder it's trying to grow outward.

Unfortunately the plant is not in a container, but it's in the most sheltered part of the garden, so fingers crossed it will last through the winter.


gardenning granny

I'd heap some compost over the root run area as a modicum of protection - if it ever stops raining - you are a very lucky lady.  All I inherited when I moved here was a rampant Russian vine which had to be removed, and a lot of self seeded apple trees, which likewise had to be removed before I could have a grassy area (couldn't aspire to "lawn" with three children).


anthony mcglen

i have this aswell mine i have had for two years and its in the garden it did go thru the two winters with no probs at all

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