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please could someone advise me on the names of the plants/shrubs in the photo's,the purple one is from my nieces garden in sydney..

the yellow one is very popular around this area,and i had one in my garden until the builder killed it,

i would very much like to purchase these if at al possible,

i am very new to looking after a garden so all help would be much appreciated



The first one is an Aeonium and the second one looks like a Potentilla  If your niece can spare one of the rosettes of the Aeonium you can put it into some compost and it will root

Pam x

Paul N

I'll second those I/Ds

thank you so much Pam,unfortunately sydneys a long way to go for a plant ,not that i would not like to go again,but only been back 2 months...

 i will definately get a potentilla though...

very best wishes to you


ps i will be back for more im sure!!!

thanks Paul,keep watching this space i will be back!!!


Paul N

If you in the UK, both are available over here.

yes i live in Heysham on the north west coast of england,so i will be out this weekend looking for them....thanks to you kind people...


That Aeonium will need to spend the winter indoors, lovely plant but it did not even survive in the garage.

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