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Moonlit Hare

I've got self seeded naturtiums sprouting in my veggie patch from this years plants.

I've never grown them before, am I able to pot them up and keep them in an unheated greenhouse until next year, do I need to leave them in the ground where they are, or ar they going to die off no matter what?




They will collapse with the first frost. Nasturtium seeds are so cheap, I would not bother spending money on heat to bring them through a winter.

Sara 4

They will seed where they are, and will pop up in a variety of unexpected places!  We didn't realise we had moved any nasturtiums with us; we have a couple in the lawn, several in various flower beds and loads popping up in pots.  Luckily I like them, and they seem to grow in any conditions as long as they're totally neglected!


I'd use the new young leaves in salads now, before the frost gets them.  They're also favourite in this house with slices of salami in a sandwich 


I planted them late spring (from seed) - done well and the caterpillers love them - too much so (the birds don't seem to be bothered with them - the caterpillers that is) - these caterpillers, by the hundreds, have climbed up my house to pupate under the 'eaves' leaving dirty brown smudges (on white paint) once they've pupated.  I've had enough of it - insecticide and no more nasturtians - anyone recommend a similar 'climbing' annual (apart from Ipomea - that I can't seem to get going properly)?



Yes - of course 'thunbergia' - had them before in my previous garden - no where near as easy to germinate or get going as quickly as nasturtions - but worth a bash as they are not as 'tasty' to caterpillers as I recall.... thanks! 

Moonlit Hare

Oh Dannyson, sounds like you've had a bit of a nightmare there!

We planted them specially for the caterpillars so they would leave the rest of the stuff alone, it worked really well, the bonus was the bees etc also seemed to be having a field day!

Sara, I think you're right! I really struggled to get them to germinate, I lavished them with love and attention and I had maybe 4 plants come up. I supplemented them from the garden centre. Once in though they romped away and they've done really well!

Sara 4

Moonlit Hare, you will now have them forever.  Dannyson, the caterpillars decimated them, but left everything else completely alone in my garden and the nasturtiums popped up again about half an hour later.  You can pickle the seeds as poor man's capers too - if you leave all the seeds on the plants you will have nasturtiums absolutely everywhere!

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