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How long do they last outdoors? I have 3/4 plants that are still going. Two germinated early this autumn and the others where bought as plants. All of them are doing ok but have slowed down. If there is no frost, will they go on till spring? Quite sure there must have been frost here in Bristol this winter though...


I have things that are still green than normally get frosted. Nasturtiums are annuals so they won't last forever


They would normally have turned to mush in the frosts - but if there is no frost they'll probably go on until midsummer - at least the autumn-sown ones 


Any that you had last summer will have self seeded. They can be invasive; one small bed I have I could just leave it year in, year out and it would always have them. I have to pull them out ruthlessly to fit the sweet peas in.


The empress of India where in pots so no risk of selfseeding although I kept the seeds. The others might if they survive till spring...


flowering rose

They are normally over by now and one will have collected the seed for next year and also use the seeds for capers in vinegar.

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