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Sara 4

I am about to lay turf on a potential grassy bank, and am going to put the turf on top of a lot of bulbs - I wondered if I could sow seed under the turf at the same time?  I have loosestrife, fritillary and aconitum amongst others - but I don't know if the turf would block too much light out for them to germinate.  Rapid response would be great as I'm getting to work in a minute!

I think you would never see the results of your efforts that way. I have an almost identical bank andI have found that the best way to establish plants is by growing them in small pots until they are large enough to compete with the grass and then planting them out in the spring before the grass starts to take off.

Sara 4

There's never a lazy way, is there?  Thank you for telling me - I shall just go with bulbs for now.

Yes, the bulbs have no problem. Beautiful. I also got primroses and cowslips to grow from pot grown plants, but I have alkaline soil, and they have since seeded themselves in the grass like wildfire.


I agree.  seeds would be too deeply buried under turf.


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