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Our current jasmines blooms for one or two weeks then nothing, need longer flowring variery.

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we currently have a jasmine (unknown name, but I beleive not officinale) that flowers perfusly for one or two, last week or end of july then nothing. Is there a variety that has a longer flowering period or is a known characteristic?

The more fragrant the better

Thank you for any advice.


Hi Alan,there is a "hibrid" variety, I have been reliably informed; which bears clusters of creamy white flowers.It is called "Clotted Cream".I was given one in the Spring and it was slow to take off(maybe the cold spring) But it put on rapid growth when the warm weather arrived and started flowering in mid June and is still flowering. It is a mature plant, approximately, 5' high when I aquired it. I have it growing in a large pot and it is clambering up the pergola, which faces northwest.And yes, it is more fragrant than the pure white one, especially on warm humid days. There is a question mark over its hardiness as it looks slightly delicate compared to the hardy Officinale and its leaves are paler too. You could try growing it in a sheltered location or up close to the house.

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Thank you. 

Many thanks I will take a look.


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Alan I have planted Two Star Jasmines' in pot this year.

Mine where in flower when I bought them Mid July and are still in flower Now

it's a cream flower and called Trachelospermum.I hope this helps you out they where bought from B&Q 9.99 EACH


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