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Hi everyone

It's coming upto my kittens one year anniversary since he passed away...I'm wanting to create a small corner in the garden and have a few plants dedicated to him. He was ginger and called Benji, but I am stuck as what to choose.

flowering rose

cat mint,a herb plant cats love,marigolds for the ginger and forget me nots effect to remind you of his name and colour.


How about a willow with catikins!?

Caz W


I know they can seed themselves everywhere but they are very easy to pull up if they are in the wrong place - personally I quite like to see them everywhere in the spring when there's not much else about.



Are yours flowering yet Caz, no sign of mine yet. Lots of green no flowers.

Caz W

One or two just starting to open now Lyn

Thanks guys they're all really good ideas! Must say though, I just went to Tesco and they had Willow with Catkins on, couldn't resist, it's now sitting in my greenhouse waiting to be planted Also going to get catmint, forget-me-nots and either buddleja globosa (orange variety) or marigolds - which one?

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