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a friend has given me some crocosmia which has finished flowering and where the flowers were are now like pods i assume these are the seeds so when can i take these off, and can i just sow these in pots and put them in a cold frame so can i do this with other plants as well if they have some sort of seed heads on them?

hollie hock

I guess you could grow them from seeds, like other plants you need to let the seeds dry out properly before you sow them.

Have you thought about growing them from the corns instead. These plants really spread over a short space of time. How about dividing the plant?seperate it and then replant, you should have a good show next year


I'd go along with Hollie Hock.

It takes ages to get a crocosmia to flowering size from seed and if you've got a named variety it may not come quite the same.


Yep, I agree with the other two - just plant the crocosmia, spread out a bit, they'll multiply all by themselves and you'll soon be wondering who you can give some to 

The leaves will die down in the winter and you'll worry that they've died - they haven't, they'll be back again next summer.


It could be 3-4yrs before your seeds flower ,if they grow at all . Some varieties are sterile and can only be propergated by splitting the corms,You can buy more corms or different colours from garden centres in spring time You can allways edge your bets dry off the seeds(baby corms) cutting  the stalk off with the the seeds and put into a paper bag leave somewhere dry and cool for a month . then plant them arround the mother plant if they grow  it will be a bonus and you will know what they are .and less chance of diggin them up by mistake Good luck



wow dident know this so my seeds are going in the bin and t will divide the ones i have thanks to you all once again

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