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hi all i have a lovely hellibore growing in a big pot the flowers now are starting to fade,how and when can i collect the seeds from it,ive noticed in the middle of some of the flowers there are four pod like seeds can anyone tell me how i go about this and are they easy to do, thanks guys.


Best really to.let nature do its work...seedlings will appear around the plant.

But the seed pod needs to be crispy dry a d turning brown before it will jettison its seeds.  I've only ever done this once before but the seed pod will start,to crack.  You have to check every day.  When you see this cut off the flower and shake onto saucer or leave it upside down.  Just sow the seeds ....I used John innes number 1...and place in shade somewhere.  If memory serves right seedlings afairly during the late summer.

Your seedlings will prob be similar to parent but I did get a nice bi colour one

Good luck Chica


I'd agree with Verdun, let them seed on the ground, they do it willingly and you don't have to do anything except move them to where you want them to be when they're big enough to handle.


thanks guys as the plant is in a pot on the patio im going to have a go at planting the seeds hope it works

I dont know if this would work for you , but its what I do . I wait until the seed pods start to feel dryish and I either put the flower in  a paperbag  Tie it loosly around the stem . when the seeds explode they should go in the bag . or  when the seed pods feel dry and paperish I snip the flower off . put it in a paper bag or even put the flower head in a jam jar  in a sunny windowsill etc  again the seeds will explode when ready . 

sow the seed in a compost with a layer of grit ontop . put it outside leave for the winter 's cold spell .(n needs a winter to germinate )

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