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Hello, back again....

could anyone indentify as to what these 2 are

 this gives pink flowers in the spring time i think but doesn't last very long

 this one gets purple ish flowers i think, Thanks in advance


Hi Chris, not too sure on the top one, type of hebe maybe, someone on here will tell you for definite.  Bottom one is a type of Sedum, bees and butterflies love them, flowers in late summer/autumn.


top one looks like a rhodoendron, the bottom one looks like a sedum of some sort


Azalea for the top one?


I'm with you Rodgy-dodge. Rhodo and sedum.



I'd go with azalea and sedum

again guys and girls you amaze me with your knowledge, Thank you very much


mmmmm I always think Azalea flowers tend to be more clumped together and if you look at the dispensed flower head it looks more like a Rhodii. Also the leaves look quite large and leathery! I may be wrong!

How do you differentiate a Rhodii from an Azalea? It looks a bit mildewed too! or in need of a good feed


I agree with above, but judging by the whitish leaves on the rhodo, it looks like it needs a tonic of some sort.

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