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Hi all 

My neighbour has the most beautiful acer tree in her garden, she could not remeber the name but after lots of research i found it was a full moon acer, anyway, she has said i can get some curtings to try and grow my own tree But i want to make sure i do everything right and make sure at least a couple of the cuttings grow. Any advice regarding how to take the cuttings, planting them and where to grow them once i have planted them would be brilliant, i do own a greenhouse if his is helpful.

i must say this is by far the prettiest tree i have ever seen and i am desperate to get my own growing!

any help would be brill, thanks chaps.


I couldn't find an acer called 'full moon' (there is a flowering dogwood though), but there are several Japanese acers with 'moon' in the name (eg Acer palmatum 'Moonfire', Acer shirasawanum 'Autumn Moon'.) Assuming it is a Japanese acer, the RHS recommends taking softwood cuttings to propagate:

The other thing to try is buying a cheap acer from a supermarket etc and grafting.


Thanks a lot, i will try the softwood cutting approach, worst case scenario i will have to Put my hand in my pocket and pay £20-£30 for one. Much obliged.

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 Acer shirasawanum is the latin name.

The common name for it is full moon maple!

There is even a named cultivar... a real beauty..Acer shirasawanum Autumn Moon.

It is a different species from Acer palmatum.

Most Acers are grafted.

Full moon maples are very very slow to get started.. but eventually get big.

A stunning and beautiful Acer.

It just hates to be in a windy spot in full sun... the leaves will scorch!


Worth buying from a good nursery... NOT CHEAP!

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