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Jack 3

Hi All, hope everyone is well.

Just need a few ID's please.











Isn't number 2 a Sunflower? Number 3 a Sowthistle? And number 4 is familiar cos I'm sure I've got it in my garden.

I will try can't do all

1. Hypericum

2. Sunflower

3. don't know

4. Buttercup weed

5. don't know

6. don't know

7. Geum rivale, flowers finished turn up fluffy mine have

8. Heuchera?

Jack 3

Thank you both, ah that sunflower came up in a pot of pound shop lupins, they didn't survive but at least I got this. Just looked up Geum rivale Gardengirl, looks really nice!


6  . ceonothus

4 and 7 same plant, wood avens. horrible weed, I put loads in the bin today. I try and pull the little  yellow flowers off before they seed and form "bobbys buttons" that stick everywhere.


Jack 3

Thanks fidgetbones.

I'm not sure whether 6 is ceanothus, these leaves are quite big, three or four inches, and it hasn't had any flowers on it this year.

I'll have to look at 4 and 7 again tomorrow. Cheers.


1 Hypericum

2 Sunflower

3 weed - don't know name

4 Wood avens - weed

5 Deutzia

6 Escallonia

7 - it would be good to see the flower

8 weed - what colour is the flower? if pink maybe a willow herb



Hi Jack

1 &2 I agree, one of the hypericums and a sunflower

I think 4 and 7 are Geum urbanum, wood avens get those seeds off before they stick to something.

3 a sowthistle

5 deutzia

6 ?escallonia

I don't recognise 8, a few more pics might help

Jack 3

Thank you daintiness and nutcutlet.

OK, so there's a few weeds here. So wood avens are bad? Even if I want wildflowers?

I'll get rid of the sowthistle.

Oh, I'll have to see if that is an Escallonia and if it flowers.

8 seems like some kind of climber, I was having trouble trying to get a good picture, I'll try again tomorrow.

Thanks everyone!


Could 3. be an Honesty seedling which would flower next year?

8. Campion?  Some consider them weeds, I love them as wildflowers and have quite a lot.

7. Avens - but possibility it could be Leonard's Variety? which is beautiful.



1. Hypericum

2. Sunflower

3.  definitely sow thistle - I used to pick them for pet rabbits and the goats.

4. Wood avens

5. Deutzia

6. Escallonia or possibly ceanothus

7. Wood avens seed head

8.  ???  Can we see the whole plant, plus the growing tip and the base please?




If no 6has big leaves more likely escallonia than ceonothus

Jack 3

Thanks all.

I'll get a picture of 8 today. Thanks fidgetbones, I think it must be escallonia.

I'm glad to have a sunflower, and my OH is not, she thinks they are vulgar. Does anyone know whether they are snail/slug fodder, I want to stick it in the ground today, but everything is getting eaten at moment.


I'd say Escallonia for 6 - definitely. Sunflowers a re a bit prone Jack 

Jack 3

Ah cheers Fairygirl, I will try and protect it a bit then, at the moment I'm shoving sharp sand and copper tape round everything, and they are still killing all my cosmos, keep meaning to make beer traps. Thank you!



I hope you're out there taking more photos of 8 Jack

Jack 3

Hi nutcutlet! funnily enough I was. Again I struggled though. I find it really hard to get in focus pictures, even using macro, everything's moving around in the breeze and so on.

Dove got the tips, couldn't get the base as it's entangled amongst lots of other things.

I just noticed it's growing through the trellis and the bits that are getting sunlight are starting to flower, but the picture, which looked fine in the view finder, is blurry now.


 Hope everyone is enjoying their gardens today! 


A campanula, possibly the one someone posted on here last week

C. poscharskyana

Jack 3

Thank you nutcutlet. I google imaged it, a couple of pictures show that the unopened flowers look very much the same, the leaves look very similar, that could be it. It does seem to be climbing though. I wonder how that got there. If that's the one it looks lovely!

Thanks as always for your help.

nutcutlet wrote (see)

A campanula, possibly the one someone posted on here last week

C. poscharskyana

Yes, I agree - Jack, it will attempt to scramble upwards, especially if there's something for it to grow through, but it doesn't really get any taller than 18" - 2ft at the most.  It's very pretty when it flowers, after that it's a PITA so I pull it out - it always reappears the following year.