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Kept my tender perenial in the kitchen over winter and now it is putting on a spurt of growth and looks very healthy. It is quite a large Nemesia and I was wondering if it would be okay to take some cuttings now?


Give it a go. If it doesn't work you can try again later


Not sure if that's clarification. I did grow a nemesia once but only because it shared a name with my granddaughter, Amelie. 

I'll give it a go anyway.My mum's are still going strong and they were not protected from the severe frosts and snow! Amazing plant for a so-called tender perennial!!





Pretty amazing yes. Amelie didn't survive a bit of a frost. Fortunately the other Amelie is pretty tough


If your cuttings don't work you can also divide Nemesias easily. Just pull it apart, make sure you have a bit of root on each section, pot on separately and they will soon take off.

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