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I posted on another rhubarb thread a week or so ago with a picture of my very ill brand new rhubarb.  I was going to dig it up and throw it away but this morning down on the allotment I glanced in its direction and would you believe a brand new leaf is growing from the crown.  The moral of this tale is patience and never give up. 


Thanks for sharing that, Forrester2.  I have a year old one in a pot which is not looking too happy and I was thinking the same initial course of action as you, ie hoying it out.  Think I'll now repot and hope for the same result as you.  


Don't pick any rhubarb this year Forester.  Keeping it well watered, fed and mulched will help produce a strong plant for next year.

Not sure rhubarb in a pot is a great idea LorraineP. 



We've had to cut back every one of our 8 huge crowns after they were flattened and chomped by a fierce hailstorm last week.   There are signs of new growth already but we won't get a crop this year.

Now to cut back and feed all the blackcurrants, blueberries, broccoli, roses, hostas, ligularias, geums, lilies, clematis, cleomes, hemerocallis, phlomis, chelones and astilboides that were similarly shredded.





Obelixx, that's disheartening,,isn't it?  Still time though for those plants to recover and do something for you this summer



OK Verdun -I'll be very good and I won't pick any.

Obelixx - That is so rough to see all your lovely things destroyed in a matter of minutes.  I do hope that at least some of it recovers.  


 It is very disheartening but thanks for the sympathy and encouragement.

This is my prized hosta Sum and Substance which was huge.   Its numerous large and smaller pals in the ground have fared no better and I've just found that all my lovely Firefox Lilies in a pot have had their fat flower buds stripped.  Nothing to do but put them in a quiet corner and feed them for the rest of the season and hope for better next year.

Fortunately I bought some new Stella Viola lillies at Chelsea and they should grow and flower later this summer.

Jim Macd

obelixx that's so sad, hail is the worst type of weather! Such a set back. I wish everything the best of recoveries though. 

Lorraine your Rhubarb needs a pretty big pot, you need at least 45 litres for a Rhubarb. You can buy some good pots that big and not too expensive. This is a link to a 50 litre pot which gives the diameter size if you don't like the style. 


Where do you live Obelixx - Foula Shetland Islands?


Thanks for the advice Verdun and Jim, will be transfering my rhubarb into the garden very soon.  


Forester - central Belgium about 30 miles South of Brussels in what has turned out to be a site exposed to extremes of weather.


What a surprise Obelixx  -  with all that damage I would never have thought you live so far south.  Is anything showing signs of recover yet?  If it is any consolation, the weather here in the UK has turned quite chilly, with thoughts of putting the heating back on, but I do remember this time last year was just the same.


There's no Gulf Stream effect here so winters are colder and summers can be hotter tho we do get lots of rain.   The local horticultural college sites include one called La Sibérie.  Now I know why as we can get colder than the Ardennes which is fine when there's a blanket of snow to protect the plants but devastating when there isn't.  I'm learning which plants are tough and which not to bother with any more.

OH cut off all the damaged stems of the rhubarb last weekend leaving just the crowns.   It's been warm and sunny for a day or so and there are now new shoots are appearing so the plants will survive but I won't be making rhubarb chutney this year as we need to let the plants recover and OH will nab any stems I do let him pick for his puds.

Steve 309

I'm in Belgium too at the moment, with my OH in West Flanders.  Been bright and sunny here while we've been laying her new floor; now we're having a day off, the sun's disappeared   No hail.

Rhubarb's primary purpose is surely pud!  Chutney is for the remainder, once the freezer is full.

obelixx wrote (see)

There's no Gulf Stream effect here so winters are colder and summers can be hotter tho we do get lots of rain. .....

Think that's what's going to happen to us before long 

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