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I have just treated myself to a small gallery dahlia. I have the perfect spot for it in the bed however, I'm trying to decide if it's worth putting it in yet, or keeping it potted until spring. Any help??

Definitely keep it in a pot, dahlias are not hardy, it will need to go somewhere frost free  and dry after the first frost.


Do not plant it out permantly-you could put into position but leave in the pot-then bring inside after the first frost

I've recently bought somew new near the dahlia collection in Cornwall ......and they will be brought into the greenhouse prob end next month. Still in pots. I often keep dahlias outside but the best are always brought indoors for winter and kept dry. I'm not convinced about letting first frost occur before bringing indoors. If not potted I bring them in, turn them upside down to drain moisture and wrap in fleece in greenouse

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