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Whilst walking around a garden centre on thursday night i was aware of an absolutely striking peachy coloured delphinum i think it was called Coral(e).  It was beautiful but i had left my money at home as i am lethal once i get started.

Since coming home i have been unable to find it anywhere or to gain any knowledge of its availablity.


If you know where i can find it in plant or seed please will you reply or email me

Gary Hobson

.... just reading some of the comments in the link just above...

"Very anxious to obtain..."

"...desperate to obtain..."

It's curious how some particular thing causes people to instantly want to have it, so badly. I know the feeling.

YES!!!!  Thats the one.  So i was nearly right i was called Coral Sunset.  GRRRR i wish i had bought the one i saw now it was just about to set seed i could have had a garden full of them next year!



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