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Went to my local garden centre as a pick me up and found some beautiful black velvet petunias, I picked them up because they reminded me of my black cat's silky ears!

Now I've brought them home to my very bright, pastel potted, mainly pink and yellow garden I don't really know how or where I'm going to put them! Not that I really mind, they are truly stunning!

Are there any other lovely black and dark petal plants? It must be the inner goth in me crying out!


ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens is pretty almost black



Heuchera Obsidion is almost black.  Dahlia twynings After Eight has black foliage.  Scabious chili black has black flowers. Some tulips too.  I have a near black hellebore. ....well dadk purple really. 


Those dahlia's would look fantastic with my Petunias!

Orchid Lady

I've got 4 different varieties of sunflowers growing this year, 2 yellow ones and the other two are  Velvet Queen, not black but a very deep red, the other is Black Magic which is the darkest of all sunflowers.  I can't wait for them all to flower in the summer, I've just planted them all out today 

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